Last week I went on a listing appointment with a past client. She had done her homework. She had been on a popular website to check her “estimate”, had researched to see what the median price per square foot was for our city, what the average price of homes were running the last several months and reading articles about how there was a shortage of inventory and prices were going up. Based upon this information, she had a price in mind for what she was going to ask for her home because she knew she had an above average home.

I did my research on home sales for the last 6 months in her specific neighborhood, knew the ages of the houses that had sold and what updates and amenities they had and how long they had…

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Tyler’s annual Azalea Trails are in full color right now! With the tulips, Japanese maples, dogwoods and wisteria adding to the glorious azaleas, it is a spectacular show of colors you don’t want to miss!!

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Tyler’s Historic Azalea District is in the heart of the City, anchored by Tyler’s first shopping strip – Bergfeld Center, and popular Bergfeld Park. The brick streets are an additional charm to the area though not all the Azalea District has brick streets. North of the Azalea District lays the Brick Street Historic District, full of quaint 1910’s – 1920’s homes on a smaller scale.

If you catch yourself with an hour or two to spare, drive the trails and take in the beauty and have your…

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