We have just had another instance of showing a client a bunch of houses and showing them their final 2 choices 3 different times. They then turned around and bought a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) without us to “save” on commission. There are no words to describe how defeated we feel when this happens.

For Sale

No, we don’t force our buyers to sign a Buyer’s Representation Agreement with us before we show them houses, so some of you out there reading this might say we deserve this. But we don’t – and here is why.

>We are more than perky key holders who open doors to show you houses! We happen to have personal files (in our memory banks)  with the history of quite a few houses and certainly know a ton of the neighborhoods – their history, the trends, whether it’s known for foundation issues, quality of builders, a lot of renters, a lot of foreclosures, etc. We know a lot of stuff!!!!

We oftentimes have access to the last sales price of the home through our Realtor records because Texas is a non-disclosure State for sales price.  We certainly know the neighborhoods and if prices are going up or down.  We also know whether this is the eighth time the house has been on the market in the last 5 years.  We know a lot of stuff!!!

With FSBOs, if they refuse to pay the commission for your representative, that should be a red flag to you, the consumer. We know the law and all about disclosures, the accuracy of the data the Sellers are presenting, trusted inspectors, negotiating repairs, reliable contractors for the repairs, the appraisal process, and the escrow process. We know a lot of stuff!!!

We also know our fellow agents and have a good working relationship with them. We have the reputation of writing clean contracts for pre-approved buyers so the listing agent knows we should make it to the closing table. We know the perils and pitfalls of the escrow process so we can be pro-active in problem solving. We know who to go to for information or solutions. We know a lot of stuff!!!

So whether you use Claudia Carroll and Tyler Homes Group of Keller Williams Realty as your Buyer Representative (and no, we still won’t make you sign an agreement!) or you use another Realtor, don’t try to “save” on commission by buying a FSBO without us! Your “savings” could be eaten up by a bad decision based on bad information. Call us – WE KNOW A LOT OF STUFF!!

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