In Tyler, Texas real estate there are several real estate companies and agents that are endorsed by television or financial celebrities or they offer to buy your home or enroll it in a special program to encourage a quick sale. Do these gimmicks work? If you are asking if the gimmicks work to get them listings – the answer is yes. If you are asking if the gimmicks work to get your home sold the quickest and at the highest price – that answer may surprise you – because it is a resounding NO!

As far as celebrity endorsements, those agents pay a lot of money for that celebrity to endorse them. Those agents may have to promise to do business a certain way, or provide testimonials, but they basically pay for the privilege of that endorsement and get a link from the celebrity’s web page or mentioned in radio shows.

Will they buy your home if they don’t sell it? Sure they will. But not at full market value. All of those programs have various ways of calculating what they will buy it for, but it averages between 75% and 85% of fair market value and then they might share a percentage of the profit when they eventually sell it.

Does enrolling it in a special program for a drawing at some point for the agents who sold the homes work? NO. Agents are going to help their client buy the house their client wants and the fact they will get invited to a party has nothing to do with the buying decision.

I can tell you horror stories of Sellers who paid a premium to list their homes with some of these agents and found out too late just what it all added up to - or were so frustrated with their “systems” they wanted out but had signed a 6 month or 1 year listing contract so were stuck.

Before you sign a listing agreement ask the question - If I am unhappy with the process can I terminate the listing before it expires?

Choose an agent based upon their reputation in the Tyler real estate market. Choose an agent who will answer your calls or text back quickly. Choose an agent who will remember you are a client because they don’t have 30 or more listings and no idea who their clients are. Choose substance, not gimmicks.

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