Getting Your Home Ready for the Market Post COVID-19

Posted by Claudia Carroll on Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 12:11pm.

Now that we have all been “Sheltering in Place” for the last several weeks, you might have discovered you really need a little more space in your home and you might be considering getting a larger place – maybe one with 2 living areas or a home office!

You can use these last couple of weeks of sheltering to prepare your home for the market.

 Deep clean your home

First, start with a deep clean – baseboards, windows, moving furniture out of the way and cleaning under it, the whole bit. Spray touchable surfaces with a disinfectant product if you have it on hand. In doing a deep clean you will discover flaws or items in need of repair – keep a list. You will also be making your home more inviting to any prospective Buyer who may have residual fears about the virus. Another little-known fact I learned over my years of real estate experience is that a spotlessly clean house is interpreted by the Buyer as a well-maintained house. Well maintained means highest possible offers – maybe even a bidding war with over asking sales price!

Go through the house, room by room, pretend you are a picky buyer (because they all are) and do your best to be objective about each room. Where would a prospective buyer find fault. Feel small? Declutter and remove smaller pieces of furniture. Your youngsters color choice off-putting? You may need to repaint the entire room. Dated design choices? You may have to replace the dark green or wine-colored carpeting with wood or vinyl plank flooring. And contrary to popular thought – not everyone is a big fan of shiplap siding or gray and white color scheme.

If in doubt as to how to proceed or how much to invest, contact me at 903-570-6226 (yes, I’m officing from home as well!) to come help you prioritize the best projects to take on that will give you the greatest return on your investment.

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