I would like to know when the mindset became that we are not responsible for replacing our worn out roofs; that we must wait for a hail storm to come along so we can make an insurance claim and then somehow work it out so we don’t even have to pay a deductible.  We get a free roof courtesy of the insurance company.

Damaged Roof

I have had 2 instances lately where the roof had issues and the Seller did not want to make repairs.  We negotiated roof replacements on both but the sellers are still whining.  IT’S CALLED ROUTINE MAINTENANCE PEOPLE!!!  We must take care of our homes and keeping a solid, non-leaking roof over our heads is one of the best ways to start!

Insurance companies are getting weird about roofs and I can certainly see why.  I think they are being abused by the policy holders.  I know this isn’t going to win me any popularity contests but I also believe in fairness and the truth.  If your roof is past is life expectancy and you are planning on selling your home, there are a number of things that can happen.  First, it will be discovered by the whole house inspector and he will write it up.  The inspector may also discover where it has been leaking and wetting the insulation, running down the framing behind the sheet rock or leaking through light fixtures.  The buyer then starts to worry about mold, mildew, and a myriad of other things.  They may also worry if other routine maintenance has been deferred.

The next problem will be when the Buyer goes to get insurance coverage for the house.   All insurance companies want to know how old the roof is and most insurance companies now send someone out to take photos of the breaker box and, you guessed it, the roof.  If the roof is looking too rough, they will refuse to insure it and will bring the sale of the house to a screeching halt.

So as part of your routine maintenance on your home, check out your roof a couple of times a year, and if it starts looking pretty bad, go ahead and replace it.  Or, pray for a hail storm.

So let's keep the roof over our heads in Tyler!

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